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  1. Dorset County Records will only be recognised if achieved under ASA Technical Rules in a pool and event that is recognised by the County Association and made by swimmers who are eligible to compete in Dorset County competitions in the year of competition as per the published Dorset County ASA’s General Competition Conditions.
  2. In addition, a Dorset County Record will only be recognised if achieved by a swimmer while representing a club affiliated to Dorset County ASA, or while representing Dorset County ASA, or the ASA South West region, or that swimmer’s registered national team, or while representing their university/public service at a university/public services competition and who has represented a Dorset club at the Dorset County Championships or in a National League or at a licensed open meet in which that club is participating on at least one occasion in the year of the record claim, commencing 1 January of each year.
  3. For a swimmer attending a University two hundred and fifty miles or further from the home club, a record will be recognised if that club is affiliated to Dorset County ASA and the swimmer represents that Dorset club in ALL other competitions or national events they attend when competing in the UK. Further, if a swimmer whose club is affiliated to Dorset County ASA competes under an ASA/British Swimming licence that permits them to swim abroad and while so doing achieves a time sufficient to make a record claim, the swimmer may make that claim provided the time gained has been recognised by the ASA and has been added to the ASA rankings as a member of a club affiliated to Dorset County ASA.
  4. All times must be authenticated. An electronic time must be authenticated with a copy of the results sheet. Manual times must be authenticated by the Referee. A time achieved on the first leg of a relay event must be authenticated by submission of an official team sheet.
  5. Applications shall be on the Official form signed by the Club Secretary and submitted to the County Hon Competitions Secretary within 28 days together with a copy of the authenticated results or link to official results website.

Dorset County ASA, 6 April 2017