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Dorset County ASA is committed to the safeguarding of children, young people and adults at risk. In the Welfare section you will find updates and reference material on a range of welfare and safeguarding related topics.


wavepowerYour County Welfare Officer is:   Call County Secretary

 Tel: 07527 293062

 Email: dorsetasa@gmail.com


                                                 Your Regional Welfare Officer is:  Marion Britton

                                                 Tel: 07957 713254

                                                 Email: marion_britton@yahoo.co.uk


                                                  You can call:          


                                                 Or you can call:           SWIMLINE ASA/NSPCC  on   0808 100 4001

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Wavepower 2016-19: Contents

Wavepower 2016-19: Section 1 Introduction

Wavepower 2016-19: Section 2 Toolbox

Wavepower 2016-19: Section 3 Child Safeguarding Responsibilities

Wavepower 2016-19: Section 4 Guidance for coaches, teachers and poolside helpers

Wavepower 2016-19: Section 5 Templates, forms and checklists

Wavepower 2016-19: Section 6 Index

Swim England Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy

The Child Protection in Sport Resource Library https://thecpsu.org.uk/resource-library/