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Poole Swimming Club

March 20, 2015   By

Dorset County Championships 2015

Poole Swimming Club would like to thank Di Gibbs and her team of meet organisers, officials and volunteers who helped run the Dorset Champs over three weekends. They did a great job!

This was a special Champs for Poole as it came on the first anniversary of Barry’s Alldrick’s leadership as head-coach of the club.

For full write ups of each weekend, see the following links to the PSC website:




Seagulls Swimming Club

March 12, 2015   By

Seagulls 3 peaks challenge

In the early hours of the morning on 24 June an intrepid team consisting of Seagulls parents and friends will depart Dorset destined for Bonnie Scotland to undertake the highly respected 3 Peaks Mountain Challenge 2015. The team consisting of 18 climbers and four drivers will embark on a gruelling expedition, which will see them climb the highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales consecutively within 24 hours. Overall, the team will cover a distance of 20 miles on foot, ascending and descending at total of just over 11,000 feet and 500 miles by road between the three mountains; this is no event for the faint hearted.

OMEGA OSB11 - Starting Block

The aim of the Club is to raise £10,000 with money raised being put towards purchasing new starting blocks for the Club. A very worthy resource indeed.

The Seagulls Team are entering the event under the auspices of the Fire Services and are pleased to confirm that the event is their 44th Challenge to date. The intrepid Seagulls climbers are Glenn Bailey, Susie Donaldson, Wayne Ellis, Michelle Gormley, Zoe MacIntosh, Lee Mulholland, Theresa Oakley, Emma Peckham,Richard Porter, Chandy Rance, Kristina Razey, Louise Sharp, Nigel Sharp, Becky Ward, Tristan Ward, Pam Webb, Chris Williams, Jacqui Williams, along with the invaluable services of Kev Devereux and Nick Razey as drivers. If you wish to support the Seagulls 3 Peaks Challenge, visit the Seagulls website at http://seagullsswimming.club/3-peaks-challenge/.


Seagulls Swimming Club

March 12, 2015   By


Seagulls Swimming Club is pleased to announce the release of a brand new domain name and website, designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation. The website has been redesigned from the ground up, and represents the public face of the club, as well as a forum for interaction with swimmers, parents, coaches, committee and other clubs. The new website will be an evolving site, with new additions to come as well as regular updates. Check out the new website at http://seagullsswimming.club.

Seagulls Swimming Club

March 12, 2015   By


Balmer Lawn Seagulls

Seagulls flocked down to New Milton on Saturday 24 January for a collaboration with one of their favourite sponsors; Balmer Lawn.

The swimmers and Coach Martin Littlefair assumed their best streamlined positions in perfect harmony with the aerodynamic contours of the Suzuki Swift.

With the Christchurch swimmers preparing to compete in the upcoming Dorset County Championships towards the end of February it is fantastic for the club to receive the support of the local Honda and Suzuki dealership.

Huge thanks to all the staff at Balmer Lawn!

2015 County Championships

February 22, 2015   By

Results for the Dorset County Championships 2015 held at Littledown are now available on the Swimming Results pages, together with BAGCATs points for 9 to 14 year olds, as at 1 March. Over the two weekends there were over 50 new CBTs, as well as seven short-course County Records broken by Jay Lelliott (Swim Bournemouth), Harriet Perfect (Swim Bournemouth), Jacob Peters (Poole) and Jenny Scott (Tornadoes). BAGCAT awards were presented to nine and ten year olds on Sunday 1 March; BAGCAT awards for 11 to 14 year olds will be presented at Dorchester on 14 March.