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Success at Sheffield – Dorset to stay in Division One

October 12, 2017   By

The Dorset team has achieved its second best ever result at this year’s National County Team Championships in Sheffield by finishing in 14th place while competing against a host of much bigger counties. Known as the “yo-yo” team at the Championships due to placing in either the promotion or relegation zone each year, Dorset last achieved a result ensuring a second consecutive year in Division One in 2009 when the team finished in 12th place.

Finishing just four points behind Scotland East and 20 points clear of Sussex, Dorset was nevertheless 88 points clear of the relegation zone and clocked up a total of 13 top-ten placings. Boys Captain and World Junior Championships finalist Jacob Peters (Poole) provided Dorset’s only race win with a time of 54.22 in the 16/17 years 100m Butterfly, while taking second place in the 100m Backstroke in 54.23. Leading off the Boys 16/17 years Medley relay, Jacob also broke his Dorset Senior SC Record for 50m Backstroke with a time of 25.25. 2017 National Age Group Champion Kayla van der Merwe (BCS) also achieved second place in the 14/15 years 100m Breaststroke with a time of 1:10.49.  

Girls Captain Jasmine McCrea (Poole) placed fourth in the 16/17 years 100m Butterfly (1:02.37) and eighth in the 100m Freestyle with a time of 57.48, breaking the Dorset Junior SC Record set by European Youth Olympics Champion Amelia Maughan in 2009 and repeated as the lead-off of the 6 x 50m cannon with a time of 26.49 which broke Maughan’s 50m Freestyle SC Record, also held since 2009.

There were further top ten placings for Amy Brown (Swim Bournemouth) with fourth in the 12/13 years 100m Breaststroke (1:13.73) and seventh in the 100m Backstroke (1:06.52), Ella Chown (BCS) was fifth in the 14/15 years 100m Butterfly while in the same age group Finn Trehane (BCS) and Oliver Fairman (Poole) were sixth in the Boys 100m Breaststroke (1:06.61) and Boys 100m Backstroke (1:00.26) respectively and Alan Szczasiuk (Swim Bournemouth) placed eighth in the 12/13 years 100m Breaststroke (1:11.65).

The County’s best-placed relay teams were the 16/17 years Boys Medley (Jacob Peters, Kelvin Wong, Christian Tai and Ben Samuel) and Cannon team of Jasmine McCrea, Alan Szczasiuk, Amy Brown, Ella Chown, Finn Trehane and Jacob Peters both of which relay teams finished in seventh place. There was a ninth place for the Boys 14/15 years Medley team of Oliver Fairman, Finn Trehane, Alex Bryan and Sam Small.

Congratulations go to all our swimmers together with team coaches Sam Woodward and Dan Dew, and with thanks to Team Selectors Andy and Sue Smart, and Dorset Officials Tracy Roberts and Nigel Gallimore. Vice-captains were BCS swimmers Charlotte James and Christian Tai.

Division One result: 1st  Yorkshire 456, 2nd Devon 435, 3rd Lancashire 423, 4th Scotland West 411.5, 5th Northumberland & Durham 401, 6th Kent 380, 7th Middlesex 374, 8th Leicestershire 368, 9th = Surrey 349, 9th =Somerset 349, 11th Oxford & North Bucks 312, 12th Essex 300.5, 13th Scotland East 300, 14th Dorset 296, 15th Suffolk 276, 16th Wales East 273, 17th Sussex 208, 18th Nottinghamshire 194, 19th Hampshire 191.5, 20th Cheshire 186.5.

The Dorset team for the 2017 National County Team Championships was follows:

Bournemouth Collegiate: Claudia Ashford, Alex Bryant, Ella Chown, Honor Davies, Charlotte James, Ben Samuel, Christian Tai, Finn Trehane, Kayla van der Merwe. Clayesmore: Rebecca Holden. Poole: Oliver Fairman, Robbie Hemmings, Jasmine McCrea, Thea O’Keefe, Jacob Peters, Henry Stevens, Kelvin Wong. Seagulls: Poppy Cordell-Thompson, Isaac Ellis, Sam Small. Swim Bournemouth: Amy Brown, Alex Palotai-Avella, Alan Szczasiuk. West Dorset: Lauren McRobbie.


2018 Affiliation Fees

October 5, 2017   By

Membership fees for 2018 have now been confirmed by our national and regional governing bodies. Swim England affiliation fees are Category 1 £9.10, Category 2 £26.40 and Category 3 £5.20. Affiliation fees for the  Swim England South West Region have been set as Category 1 £2.90, Category 2 £3.65, Category 3 £2.00 and with an additional club fee of £80. The annual affiliation fee for Dorset County ASA is a flat rate of £3.00 across all categories. The membership fee year is 1 January (payable by 31 March) to 31 December, and currently new members joining clubs between 1 September and 31 December will be charged the full annual affiliation fee by Swim England for that period. The Swim England South West Region and Dorset County ASA have again elected not to impose any affiliation fee for new members joining clubs during that period.

South West Regional Water Polo Academy trials

September 18, 2017   By

Following the demise of the centralised England Talent, the regional Water Polo Committee will continue to run an elite training pathway on behalf of Swim England via the South West Regional Water Polo Academy. The sessions will be used to assist with training and selection of regional squads, as well as provide the opportunity for players to be nominated to attend England Talent camps or for national team consideration.

Trials for the South West Regional Water Polo Academy for 2017/18 will take place this month on 23 September for girls born 2003-2005 (12.30-14.30) and 2001-2002 (14.30 -16.30), and 30 September for boys born 2003-2005 (12.30-14.30) and 2001-2002 (14.30 -16.30).

The Academy anticipates to hold seven sessions in the months of September, October, November, December, January, February and April. Players of suitable ability will be invited to return from the first Regional Academy in September to all subsequent sessions in 2017/18.

Further information and details of how to apply can be found at https://www.swimwest.org.uk/water-polo 

2017 Dorset Inter-County team announced

August 15, 2017   By

The Dorset team for the 2017 National Inter-County Team Competition has been  announced as follows. Bournemouth Collegiate: Claudia Ashford, Alex Bryant, Ella Chown, Honor Davies, Alex Palotai-Avella, Charlotte James, Ben Samuel, Christian Tai, Finn Trehane, Kayla van der Merwe. Clayesmore: Rebecca Holden. Poole: Robbie Hemmings, Jasmine McCrea, Thea O’Keefe, Jacob Peters, Henry Stevens. Seagulls: Poppy Cordell-Thompson, Isaac Ellis, Sam Small. Swim Bournemouth: Amy Brown, Oliver Fairman, Alan Szczasiuk, Kelvin Wong. West Dorset: Lauren McRobbie.

Pathway to Podium

August 10, 2017   By

A revamped Talent Pathway booklet has been published which outlines Swim England plans to provide a clear route for development for swimmers aged from 11 years to international level. At the starting point are County Associations which have been asked to run training camps for 11 year olds and working on stroke development.  In the South West Devon, Dorset, Gloucester and Somerset were able to get these camps up and running in 2017, with Cornwall and Wiltshire planning to join the programme in 2018.

In Dorset, thirty six swimmers comprising 13 boys and 23 girls were selected for the programme following the 2017 County Championships. So far, County Pathway camps have been held in April and June and with the third and final camp scheduled for 1 October. All camps have been held at Dorchester Sports Centre.

Regions were tasked with running camps for 12 year olds and focussing on starts, turns and finishes. In the South West  thirty six swimmers, with 18 girls and 18 boys participating, were selected from rankings. The camps, which will all be held at Oxley Leisure Centre in Sherborne, Dorset will be a mixture of pool work, pre and post pool exercises, land training and talks covering nutrition and psychology. The first Regional camp took place on 16 July, with the second due to take place in October. Dorset swimmers selected were Finley Chandler (Poole), Lawrence Elliott (Seagulls), Molly Goddard (Poole) and Charlie Rowe (Tornadoes).

The next stage of development is known as Phase 1 where a smaller cohort of swimmers will be invited. These camps, which will be run by Swim England, will be a mixture of swimmers from more than one region and will be held in various parts of the country. Phase 2 includes an overseas camp and is followed by Phase 3 and 2024 – all of which are run by England Programmes and lead into British Swimming’s World Class Podium Potential and then World Class Podium.

As all swimmers develop at different rates, some may follow the path right through from bottom to top but many others will dip in and out of the programme, or even start part way up. For further information on the Swim England Talent Pathway click here.