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Swim England and the Institute of Swimming have issued some expert advice to its’ members, affiliated clubs and customers regarding the safe use of video conference technology. Both organisations have been using Zoom to stage internal and external meetings during the Covid-19 outbreak, which has  enabled the organisations to communicate widely during this time and directly with people at home.

For many this will be the first time using video conferencing, so Swim England and the Institute of Swimming have produced guidance to ensure video meetings are secure and safe. A Swim England spokesperson said: “More and more people are using technology to communicate during the Coronavirus lockdown. It is a vital tool for meetings and also just keeping in touch with friends and family. We recommend you use our top tips which apply not only to Zoom but also other third-party chat tools.  Please read the advice from the National Security Cyber Centre. The important thing to remember is to update the Zoom app to the latest version. Version five has just been released.”

Here are the do’s and don’ts hosts should follow when creating a meeting to ensure that it is safe.


  1. Never publish your meeting password on a public forum/website.
  2. Don’t click on any links that appear from a chat video. Ask the participant to send this via email.
  3. Don’t accept any files via Messenger or meeting forum tools.
  4. Don’t assume that all Zoom meeting invites/links are safe. Verify this with the person who has sent you the invite.
  5. Never join in with a meeting that doesn’t have a password.
  6. Never give control of your screen to a third party.
  7. Don’t accept any files from chat forums.
  8. Don’t assume all invites are legit and safe. Some people use this as a phishing tool to obtain usernames and passwords. Check the URL and where it takes you.


  1. Always update the app proactively and when you are prompted to do so – don’t wait for later. The latest version of Zoom is April 27, 2020 Version 5.0.0 (23168.0427).
  2. Always set up the meeting with a nine character password.
  3. Always lock the meeting room once all known participants have arrived.
  4. Remove unwanted participants and prevent them from re-joining the meeting.
  5. Mute participants on entry of meetings.
  6. Disable video on entry of meetings.
  7. Enable waiting rooms to verify participants where possible.
  8. Encourage the use of “Allow only signed-in users to join”.

Swim England has also developed some support videos for the utilisation of Zoom. The videos cover essential functions, how to navigate Zoom, and how to use specific Zoom features. They can be viewed by clicking here.

Issued 6 May 2020