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Swim England has released more dates for an online Team Manager training webinair, which saw dozens of places snapped up within half an hour of when it was first launched in April. Team Manager 1 focuses on single day competitions or camps where there is no overnight stay, and has been specially adapted for online training so that it can be completed during the Coronavirus lockdown.

The three new dates for the Team Manager 1 webinar, which can be accessed by any category of Swim England members, are (click on the date to book a spot on that course):

Enthusiasm of volunteers

Claire Coleman, Swim England head of Volunteering and Pathways, commented that the response demonstrated the desire of people wanting to get more involved in aquatic sports. Claire said: “The Team Manager 1 webinar has been a great success in delivering volunteer training and engaging with our members since lockdown commenced. This first step into volunteering gives members the opportunity to understand the requirements of this role, key points in creating and maintaining a safe environment and how to manage situations whilst on pool deck. The first phase of nationally hosted workshops were booked up very quickly with the first course being full to capacity in 22 minutes. This clearly demonstrates to us the enthusiasm of volunteers to engage with the online delivery.”

Following the publication of WavePower 2020-2023, the content of the course has been updated particularly in relation to ratios and the role of chaperone. Swim England has also incorporated other feedback received over the last twelve months from presenters, clubs and volunteers to address some of the common queries received during the workshop. If the course is fully booked, your name will be added to a waiting list for the next available dates. In light of the success of the Team Manager 1 webinar, a working group is looking to transfer Team Manager 2 online in the future.

Meanwhile, workshops on a range of courses – including the Team Manager 1 webinar – are also being held by the Swim England regions after the pool of online presenters was expanded. To find out details of what is happening in each region, click on the following Swim England South West Region and if interested in attending any SWR workshop email swimsouthwest@swimming.org