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Last held in 2019, the first camp of the 2022-23 Swim England County Development Programme (formerly known as England Programmes) took place at Talbot Heath School on Wednesday 26 October. The Programme provides a local development opportunity for 11 year old swimmers and club coaches with face-to-face camps and an online education session scheduled in between the two.

Focus of the first camp was effective body position, kick/pull and tumble turns spent working on Freestyle and Backstroke and, in the afternoon a recap on the morning’s session together with multi-stroke efficiency in touch turns. The morning pool session was followed by an indoor land training session aimed at mobility, stability and pre/post pool activity. Lead Coach is Martin Littlefair (Seagulls) with Barry Alldrick (Poole) overseeing the Programme.

Swimmers are required to attend all three camps and were selected in accordance with criteria set by Swim England Swimming. This season’s County CDP swimmers are as follows: BCS – Alex Flint; North Dorset – Adam Kopyto, Williams Lampard; Poole – Theia Bull, Isabel Burt, Grace Campbell, Poppy Collins, Leo Condie, Dara Korotkova, Aimee McLean, Harrison O’Hara, Mia Palmer, Aadya Shenoy, Henry Walker, Joshua Willis-Owen, Coby Young; Seagulls – Alex Beaton, Amber Rose-Williams; Swim Bournemouth – Daisy Kirkpatrick, Savannah Laws, Isabelle MacRae, Amelia Newsum; West Dorset – Tabitha Buchan-Moore, Arthur Ray; Weymouth – Heidi Graham, Dylan Hangar, Frank Otton. Swimmers were divided into groups each led by their Skills Coaches Heidi Hine, Marc Newman (Poole), Mike Silvey (Blandford), Rob Richman (Poole) and Anand Vaithilingam (Seagulls).