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The 2023/24 Swim England Dorset County Development Pathway (previously England Programmes) concluded in May half-term week with an assembly of promising young swimmers at Talbot Heath School with the final face-to-face camp in the programme. The day saw athletes work through a blend of land-based warm-up techniques for use back at their home clubs and during pre-race routines. Mobility exercises and activation drills designed to enhance streamlining techniques in the water were also developed during a land-based session.

In the pool the focus was on skills development in all four strokes, starts, turns and relay takeovers, complete with valuable assessments and reflective exercises conducted over two sessions. Head Coach Martin Littlefair led a team of coaches providing constructive feedback and discussions to assist in post-event debriefs with their home club coaches.

Most notable were the skills enhancement that had taken place since the first CDP camp in October 2023 and the growing confidence displayed by the swimmers, together with the seamless collaboration between the Dorset Coaching Team and home programme coaches.

Taking part were twenty-three swimmers from Bournemouth Collegiate School (1), Bridport Barracudas (1), North Dorset Turbos (1), Poole SC (12), Seagulls (2), Swim Bournemouth (1), West Dorset (2) and Weymouth (3). Head Coach Martin Littlefair was supported by Skills Coaches Louis Dunning (Poole), Eve Goldsack (Seagulls), Phil Looker (Poole), and Trisha Goodrick (Weymouth). DCASA Development Coach Barry Alldrick undertook the role of Team Manager.