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A Dorset team will finally be heading north again this weekend for the National County Team Championships at Sheffield’s Pond’s Forge on 2 October 2023, which has not been held since 2019. Swimmers from six Dorset clubs have been selected as follows.

Blandford – Wilfred Leigh; Bournemouth Collegiate – Lily Langley, Monty Tibbatts and Jamie Workman; Poole – Frederick Beasley, Roberta Bryson, Alexandru Chiriac, Freya Coupe, Alexander Eland, Jessica Huggins, Oliver Jones, Charlie Meek, Sheila Monera-Cabrique, Halle Robinson, Luca Satorius, Betsy Vavasour and Leo Wisbey; Seagulls – Edward Bell and Emily McWilliam; Swim Bournemouth – Mackenzi Ashford, Ruby Hindell, Eva Hourigan and Gabriel Knight; West Dorset – Sadie Robinson.

Age groups for this competition are 12/13, 14/15 and 16/17 years, with age as at 31 December 2022. The team from Dorset will be competing in Division Two and appointed coaches are Martin Littlefair (Seagulls) and Jan Hutchings (Poole). Congratulations to everyone selected and good luck!